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CVA offers further educational and performance services tailored to your individual requirements. If you are looking for something not covered below please reach out to us.

Singing Tuition Cheltenham

Vocal Tuition

Focusing predominantly on the mechanics of the voice and vocal technique, lessons are an exploration of your personal vocal potential.  In these, you will explore repertoire that is suitable to your individual voice. You will also explore language and performance techniques that go hand in hand with the art of singing. ​​

Our individual sessions focus on perfecting the musical performance of any pieces you would like to perform. Our team of highly skilled coaches will help you to explore the history and musicality behind the piece you are exploring, allowing you time to sing through with an expert accompaniment. 

Music Theory Cheltenham

Music Theory

We offer classroom-based tuition taught over a series of weekly lessons. This is particularly aimed at anyone who is taking the ABRSM grade exams, whether studying through us or externally. We use the new Discovering Music Theory workbooks launched in Oct 2020 to complement the ABRSM's new online exams. 


We will support you as you learn all the details needed to progress in your instrument. 

Additional one-to-one sessions are available for students requiring more focused tuition in specific areas.​ All levels of tuition are available from beginner through to Grade 8. Lessons are available online.

Sight Reading Cheltenham

Sight Reading & Aural

Our sight reading and aural training demystifies the art of performing a piece from sight.

Also allows training in aural for any grade exams coming up


Our special piano accompanists cover all styles of performance or accompaniment. Whether you are looking for an organist for your wedding, a solo pianist for a concert, or an accompaniment for an exam, our pianists are here to help.

Please contact us for more information.

Keyboard Skills Cheltenham

Keyboard Skills

Our keyboard skills class is designed specifically for singers who struggle with their piano skills. In this course, we will get you to a point of being able to "notebash" through your music and help you to understand harmony and music theory through the keyboard.

This will enhance your vocal performance and give you a greater appreciation for the music you are performing.​

Singing lessons cheltenham

Bespoke Services

CVA offers further educational and performance services tailored to your individual requirements. Whether you are looking for a one-off event or a regular workshop, we can help. See below for some of the services we can provide. Please reach out for further details, where we can provide a no-obligation quote for you.

Group Vocal Workshops / Corporate Events

For families and friends, our experienced tutors will give a fun and educational introduction to singing. 

Singing Experience - Half Day

Always wanted to spend the day as a music star, then this is for you! Feel fully supported and make your first record. Run out of a fully functional, private recording studio, our "Singing Experience" gives you and your group a chance to make a professional recording. The half-day includes an hour singing lesson to get you warmed up and ready to perform, then a 2-hour recording session with one of our accompanists, a recording engineer, and our Musical Director will be on hand to help give you the best experience.

Singing Experience - Full Day

More geared towards professional singers, the full-day experience is designed to get you singing at your best for the recording you will make. Whether it's an album for friends or a professional demo recording this will give you a guaranteed recording.

cheltenham vocal academy


Private lessons in Cheltenham


Musical Director

- £35 for 30 minutes

- £60 for 60 minutes

- £80 for 90 minutes

Professional Singer/Vocal Consultant

- £35 for 30 minutes

- £55 for 60 minutes

- £75 for 90 minutes

Principal Music Teacher

- £25 for 30 minutes 

- £45 for 60 minutes

- £60 for 90 minutes

Music Teacher

- £20 for 30 minutes

- £35 for 60 minutes

For children under the age of 12, the recommended lesson length is no more than 30 minutes.

London -  we also offer lessons in London with Aidan Smith, our Musical Director.  Lessons are £60.00 for 60 minutes.

Group Lessons

Groups of 2-4 - £25 per person per 60 minutes

Groups of 5-8 - £20 per person per 60 minutes

Workshop for 9-12 - £15 per person per 60 minutes

Pricing for group lessons include venue hire, pianist accompaniment, and planning to ensure you get the most out of your session. If you want to adapt the group lesson in any way, we should be able to accommodate your request. Please contact us directly to discuss options and pricing.

Music Theory 

The price of each course varies depending on the content, variation, and number of students.

Email us to find out more.

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