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Complaints Policy

The Academy is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to students, teachers and suppliers (referred to as 'customers') and to maintaining a healthy relationship with all our customers. A Complaints Policy ensures all complaints are handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. We want to resolve your complaints as soon as reasonably possible to the satisfaction of all parties. 

Our Responsibilities

  • To provide an efficient, fair and structured mechanism for handling complaints.

  • To keep customer informed as to the progress of their complaint and the expected timeframe for resolution. 

  • Regularly review our complaints so we can improve our standard of service to our customers. 

Handling Your Complaint

  • Upon receiving your complaint, we will acknowledge receipt of this within two business days (Monday to Friday).

  • We will keep you informed of the progress of your complaint, proposed actions and the expected timeframe for resolution.

  • Our aim is to resolve complaints in a timely manner and we will generally resolve your matter within 30 days. 

  • We will advise you of the outcome of your complaint in writing.

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