Grade 5 Music Theory Course

Starting Summer 2021

We are planning our next Music Theory course starting in the summer. The course is open to anyone of any age whether you are an existing student or new to the Academy. If you looking to improve your general knowledge of music theory or are aiming to sit the ABRSM examinations, this course will meet your needs.


We will use the ABSRM study materials to structure the lessons and work through the new Grade 3, 4 and 5 workbooks which compliment the new on-line examination. Students would be expected to work through grade 1 and 2 independently.

Each grade takes about 5 hourly lessons to complete.  Each lesson is £12.00 per hour. We would expect each student to sign up to a whole grade in advance. You can choose whether you want to do one grade, two or all three grades with us. If you are looking to get your Grade 5 Music Theory so you can progress in your instrument exams, then you will need to work through all 5 grades with grades 1 and 2 being studied independently

If you are interested and want to sign up, please email us on